DDCA through SMS asks declaration/affidavit from members:


DDCA through SMS asks declaration/affidavit from members: Forms not user-friendly: Supreme Court should ensure notices to be sent through Registered-Post

Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA) on behalf of its administrator former Supreme Court Justice Vikramjit Sen has sent SMSs to its members on their mobile-numbers for submitting declaration-affidavit on specially downloaded forms from DDCA-website separately for life and ordinary members. Move is well-intended and in right direction to filer non-existing members, if any. Justice Vikramjit Sen has also uploaded his letter in this regard on twitter. But Justice Vikramjit Sen having a long experience in judiciary should consider that notices for submitting such important declarations must be sent by Registered-Post (not even by totally unreliable courier-service) rather than SMS or twitter.

SMSs were sent on 24.02.2017 with last date of submission of attested affidavits-declaration forms as 03.03.2017 with several holidays of Shivratri, Saturday and Sunday in between giving very short time to submit attested forms. It is also not clear if the declarations are to be given on some stamp-paper or on the downloaded form. Moreover downloaded forms have very little space for names. There is no column for writing husband’s name. Most of the married lady-members have given names of their husbands rather than their parents in application-forms while applying for DDCA-membership. Old members do not remember date of joining DDCA, which is a requirement to be filled in the declaration-form. Moreover in present era of advanced technology, members should have been provided opportunity to fill the form at internet itself before downloading like exists for filling application forms for passports. DDCA members should also be asked to give details like e-mail ID, date of birth, marriage-anniversaries, PAN-number, Aadhar-number etc in declaration-forms. It will provide DDCA an opportunity to send greetings on birthdays and marriage-anniversaries to members.

Justice Vikramjit Sen should get declaration-forms modified accordingly with notices sent through Registered-Post. At a time when central and state governments are moving fast towards accepting self-attested important forms rather than requiring useless formality of getting them attested, DDCA administrator should ensure duly-filled modified declaration-forms together with all necessary attachments to be submitted through internet. Members may be required to go personally to DDCA office for getting photo identity-cards after putting signatures on forms submitted through internet. Complete process should be like issue for new or renewed passports. Supreme Court or the committee formed by it for cleansing cricket-administration in the country should intervene in the regard.

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