Google launches a resource on the benefits of using certified Android devices


Mumbai,  Tuesday, 29th August, 2017: Android is an open-source platform with an ecosystem that was started with one device, one carrier and one manufacturer in 2008. Today, there are over 2 billion active devices worldwide. The pace of innovation has never been greater, offering users choice and diversity.


To ensure users receive a secure and stable experience, Google provides certification for Android devices, and today it has launched a new website to provide more information on the merits of using certified Android devices. Google works with manufacturers across the globe to run hundreds of compatibility tests that ensure devices adhere to the Android security and permissions model. These tests also verify that the Google apps pre-installed on devices are authentic, and that apps from the Play Store can work as intended.


Certified devices also come with Google Play Protect out-of-the-box, providing users with a suite of security features that include automatic device scanning for malware. This provides baseline protection against malware, privacy hacks and more.


Today, hundreds of licensed manufacturers offer a great experience by getting their devices certified. You can find the list of our partners here. When shopping for a new Android phone or tablet, it is always recommend to ask for a certified device or look for the Google Play Protect logo on the box. This helps ensure that users experience the benefits of using a certified device, along with the additional layers of security provided by Play Protect.




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