IDBI Federal Life Insurance’s new video conveys a powerful message this Friendship Day – #KeepMovingTogether


Mumbai: 02nd Aug 2019 – Extending its #KeepMoving philosophy, this Friendship Day, IDBI Federal Life Insurance encourages people to celebrate the joy and warmth of companionship with our close friends who have rejoiced in our happiness and supported us during our lows.

At IDBI Federal Life Insurance, we believe that while we take care of one’s financial security, it is the bonds of friendship that further strengthen and encourage an individual to #KeepMoving forward. This Friendship Day, through the #KeepMovingTogether film, we want to communicate the message that it is important to physically connect with our loved ones and nurture these friendships.

Over the years, gadgets have overpowered human emotions. Millennials today are more inclined towards digital communication instead of a hearty chat with their friends and kin. We have seen that digital conversations have reduced face-to-face interactions. In our busy lives, we often tend to be in touch with friends mostly through chat groups, social media or over calls, while actually meeting them and spending time together has reduced. So this Friendship Day, through this film we want to reach out to millennials and encourage them to spend time with their friends as it is long overdue.

The film #KeepMovingtogether shows a young boy in the building lift with an elderly gentleman who happens to notice the trend of staying in touch through online chats. The elderly gentleman, who is somewhat surprised, explains that friendship thrives when friends meet up in person, crack jokes and play pranks. It is this personal touch that makes a real difference in nurturing friendship.

The video emphasizes that the bonding that can happen through physical presence is not possible through mere digital conversation. In the video, we can feel the bonding between the old man and the young boy through their expressions, fading out the generation gap. In the same way, IDBI Federal Life Insurance believes in standing by their customers with empathy and through human touch.




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