Revision of Scrips in Trade to Trade Segment – Inclusions in ‘T’ and ‘XT’ Groups


Mumbai,  : As a part of Surveillance measures and based on the extant SEBI framework, the Exchanges transfer various securities for settlement on a Trade-to-Trade basis. The criteria for shifting securities to/from for settlement on trade to trade basis is decided in consultation with SEBI and applied uniformly across the stock exchanges and reviewed periodically.

The Exchange with a view to take preventive surveillance measure to ensure market safety and safeguard the interest of the investors, has decided to take the following Surveillance actions:

The securities mentioned in Annexure I which are satisfying all the criteria I, II and III will be transferred to T / XT Group w.e.f. October 25, 2018.  The securities mentioned in Annexure II will continue to remain in T / XT / P / Z / ZP Group and would attract a circuit filter of 5% or lower as applicable.

Trading Members are requested to take adequate precaution while trading in above securities, as the settlement will be done on trade-to-trade basis and no netting off positions will be allowed. Further, as per the provisions of Exchange Notice No. 20050805-12 dated 05 August 2005; a VaR Margin of 100% will also be levied on these scrips.

Trading Members should note that the transfer of security/ies for trading and settlement on a trade-to-trade basis is purely on account of market surveillance measure and it should not be construed as an adverse action against the company. Further, this is a temporary measure and will be periodically reviewed depending on the market conditions.


Scrip Code ISIN Number Scrip Long Name Group Moved To
534612 INE436N01029 Advance Metering Technology Ltd X XT
538566 INE919P01029 Apollo Tricoat Tubes Ltd X XT
505506 INE663D01011 Axon Ventures Ltd X XT
522292 INE713D01055 Chandni Textiles Engineering Industries Ltd X XT
532820 INE311H01018 E-Land Apparel Ltd** B T
532219 INE306C01019 Energy Development Company Ltd B T
521014 INE022C01012 Eurotex Industries and Exports Ltd* B T
540647 INE335W01016 Ganges Securities Ltd* B T
532100 INE456B01014 Indo City Infotech Ltd X XT
532852 INE836H01014 McDowell Holdings Ltd B T
517344 INE110B01017 Mindteck (India) Ltd B T
540243 INE835U01019 New Light Apparels Ltd X XT
530305 INE546C01010 Piccadily Agro Industries Ltd X XT
532826 INE952H01027 Raj Television Network Ltd** B T
500356 INE278B01020 Shree Rama Newsprint Ltd B T
532348 INE754A01014 Subex Ltd* B T
532444 INE541C01037 T Spiritual World Ltd X XT
526987 INE550C01020 Urja Global Ltd B T
537820 INE159N01027 Viji Finance Ltd* B T




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