SBI Card integrates ‘ILA’ chatbot on mobile app; Industry’s first chatbot to offer 40+ self-service features


~Now enables customers to avail advanced features such as

EMI conversions, balance transfer options or loan on credit card~

~Enables simplified customer experience~

New Delhi / Mumbai, 29th August 2019: SBI Card, one of the leading credit card issuers in the country, has rolled out its chatbot ‘ILA’ (Interactive Live Assistant), on its mobile app to further enhance consumer experience. ILA has 40 plus innovative features making SBI Card one of the first in the industry to offer a complete suite of self-service functionalities increasing convenience for the customers. The latest version of the chatbot enables advanced features such as EMI conversions, balance transfer options and loan on credit card among other account management options which is first for any mobile chatbot in the industry. The company has also introduced live chat option wherein the conversation with chatbot can be carried forward by a customer support executive for resolution of specific cases. ILA’s earlier version was released last year on SBI Card website.

ILA’s new functionalities enables it to address wider variety of queries while allowing customers faster access to information. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning power features such as intelligent suggestion chips, smart query assist, context aware and conversational UI experience that together facilitate more human like conversation with the customers which is not only highly contextual but also provides intelligent and quicker resolution.

Speaking about ILA, Mr Hardayal Prasad, MD & CEO, SBI Card said, “At SBI Card, we are committed to harness new age technologies to constantly evolve our products and services thus offering an exceptional experience to our customers. We are delighted to introduce a smarter version of our chatbot with increased functionalities which is now available on our mobile app too. The integration of ILA with the app has been well received by our customers as we have seen 7X increase in average daily users and 8X increase in average daily questions asked by the users. Enhanced with several innovative features, it is a revolutionary chatbot in the industry and will allow us to offer best-in-class customer experience. This is a result of our consistent efforts and investments in digital transformation and we are determined to continue our journey towards this direction as we further explore possibilities of technologies such as AI and robotics.”

On mobile app, ILA acts as a digital assistant, by providing a number of self service features through answering questions, offering suggestions and navigating customers to the right mobile app screens. Customers can also experience context driven conversations on ILA when they invoke ILA from any screen on the mobile app. For instance, when customer clicks on ILA icon from rewards screen, ILA will show customer the most frequently asked questions on rewards for quick resolution.

SBI Card’s chatbot has been equipped to engage in intelligent conversation on a range of queries. Building on this capability the latest version will further reduce navigation time for the customers by identifying and proposing next best options. For instance, if the customer enquires about activating international card usage, ILA will suggest options such as how to get international mobile number linked, fee structure on international transactions etc.

Since its release, SBI Card’s chatbot has successfully resolved over 14 million queries with over 97% accuracy.

Feature Highlights of ILA

  • Live Chat – ILA has been equipped with Live Chat Agent feature and can seamlessly handoff the chat to a human agent wherever human intervention is required to help resolve the customer’s query
  • Intelligent suggestion chip– This feature prompts customers to the next best action after their query is resolved
  • Context aware– This feature enables ILA to make more human like and natural conversations as it can maintain multiple contexts in parallel. For e.g. – A customer can start balance transfer process and simultaneously check the annual fees and then again come back to balance transfer process from where it was left.
  • ILA also brings various other Conversational UI experience features such as Smart Query assist that predicts the most relevant question based on partial query entered, Clickable intents which are provided when a query has multiple possible resolution options and Video Answers when an answer has 4 or more steps.




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